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February 29, 2020



I'd add, keep it south of 28th Street: the more gentrified the neighborhood, the more likely someone will come out with a bottle of Goo Be Gone and a pot scrubber and furiously scour your stickers off, no matter how neglected the spot you've placed them is. Also, don't do it in predominantly residential neighborhoods of Queens. I had neighbors in Astoria who would scream at me for not sweeping the sidewalk in front of our building (I told them I wasn't the maintenance guy but no matter, they saw me coming out of the entrance); if even a tiny sticker or graffito were left up on the lamppost in front, they'd probably set the place on fire.

r malce

We are here to amuse ourselves - that is justification enough to attempt to do so. Not enough other pinheads will make the effort to do so for their own sad souls, let alone oneself. So do it.
- rm

Jason Smith

I liked the stickers used in the above image. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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