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January 27, 2020


TV party tonight

Bands and artists you dote on like the Generation X Dad you are (and I say that endearingly) have never won a Grammy?

Bands who were, are, and always will be outside of mainstream society/major label world, had brief success in it, or were commercial juggernauts never won a Grammy?

The Grammys were, are, and always will be a joke. Manufactured greatness. Look at A Star Is Born. That crap was a ficitional version of the real perfumed horseshit.

Lil Nas X, a Lil Shit who is no relation of Nas, wins a Grammy last night but Nas without which this lil shit doesn't have a career, a man who singlehandedly carried East Coast hip hop for a good long while has ELEVEN Grammy nominations but has never won a Grammy. So a dude who takes the name wins but not the man himself. That's the real cultural crime. Let that sink in.


After looking over your list, I thought, 'So who the fuck did win a Grammy?' I went back to 1980, when (I thought) punk had more or less established a foothold in American music, and the award for Album of the Year then was...Christopher Fucking Cross. I don't even remember anything by Cross; I definitely do not have his album in my ancient record collection. (Which used to be fairly eclectic: I actually had a couple of Eagles' and Lynyrd Skynyrd records given to me by a high school boyfriend. I sold the records for beer money when I was in college, then found out HS boyfriend had joined the Young Republicans' club at his Midwestern Lutheran college. Needless to say, we don't talk.)

Anyway, the list of winners is so freaking disappointing I won't bother mentioning them. It did seem to be a requirement for winning a Grammy in the '80s, you had to have a Jheri Curl perm. But it's just funny to see what was popular then contrasted against your list. I'm kinda proud I don't own anything by any Grammy winners.

(Oh wait, my daughter left her Alannis Morissette CD in my shelf. Best Rock Album 1995, according to the sticker on the case. Obviously I disagree, but nice to see a female artist finally win the title.)

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