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January 14, 2020



yes, “somewhat inexplicably”...

Lovely post, Alex, and grateful for it bc you remember so many specifics. I do not. No memory of that scene in the dressing room, or of who else was at the dinner—was Nancy there? I kind of thought she was, but a lot of these things run together. I mean, it was 28 frickin’ years ago.

But I remember that the restaurant was in Soho, and that it was the only time I ever saw you awed. You, a scion of Manhattan, a worldly dude with hilarious, scathing, white-hot opinions on music.

I don’t remember Geddy giving you the T-shirt. I do remember how squirmy that “rap” was, but wasn’t everybody doing a bit of that around that moment, including XTC?

Anyway, thanks for restoring my memory of that evening. The limo driver was probably Neil, who always drove for them in the city. Nice guy. He drove me home a few times after we dropped off the guys at their hotel...

I’ve been plunged into memories since getting the news about Neil. My Rush period was from the late ‘70s to the mid-‘90s, roughly, though Geddy and I are still in touch occasionally, and the connection is as strong as ever.

Javier G. G.

Nice text Alex, and even a nicer adventure. Good to read the two main characters are already in touch. Lesley's words work as a nice "epilogue" and give your text a wider dimension. Greetings lucky man!

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