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November 24, 2019



In the 1980s I lived in a tiny bedroom with my parents. A few years later I was stuck in a tiny college doom room. Vinyl records took up too much space, so I was an early adopter of CDs. They were easier to work with and more durable.
When I bought a home in the suburbs I became busy with life so all of my music was relegated to the upstairs office. Sold a carload of vinyl to a guy in the West Village about 15 years ago and donated the rest of WFMU. Now that shit is worth thousands of dollars until the vinyl bubble bursts.
I ripped all of my CDs to my Mac around that time as well. Streamed iTunes to my 1980s hifi system. Now I pay for Spotify but I worry that if I don't ponly up $$ every month, I'll lose access to their gigantic catalog. I like my iTunes library because I have lots of bootlegs and weird stuff that will never end up on streaming services.

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