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October 01, 2019


trigger-ed much?

I wasn't taking you to task, you just have incredibly thin skin and an exaggerated idea of what that mini-strip was. It housed a McDonald's (wow!), a vape shop (whoopee!), a club owned by a dick who barely supported hardcore (despite CBGB and Coney Island High having countless hc shows), and a great pizzeria (RIP SMP.) So why the fuck would I care about Continental being reduced to a pile of rubble? Good riddance.

Sorry I don't see that part of Third Avenue with the same pair of rose-colored glasses as you. I just loved the great big slices at SMP.

Alex in NYC

Again with the antagonism. If this blog irritates you so much, why do you continue to visit/read it? Lighten up, Francis.

There is other music beyond hardcore. Just sayin'.

Jason Lambert

As someone who grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY I can remember my first trip to the East Village. Walking up to street level at Astor Place from the subway that entrance to St. Marks Place was holy territory for us. This was in the late 80's so even though the area had already lost a lot of charm from what I am told, it was still a whole lot better than today. The shop on the corner was where we would buy the cases of nitrous cartridges on our way out which made us feel like total badasses at the time compared to everyone else upstate that were too hesitant to make the journey at a relatively young age of 14-15.

So much has changed. And I get it that things always change but my memory is mine and I will hold onto it. At least that neighborhood didn't aid in destroying my life as it did a few years later when we found out what was east of Ave. A.

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