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October 03, 2019



Sade never lived in NYC and so therefore, never worked at Danceteria. Robert Elms, was never a club DJ in NYC. He is English writer/journalist who in the 80s worked for the British magazine, the face, and he has never lived in NYC either. You can find lots of details of where Sade and Robert lived in the early 80s in his book, London Made Us.

Nightlife Canterbury

Sade was in NYC long before the 2nd iteration of Danceteria. Many, many musical artists, used the club as a foray into the minds of A&R, promoters, and the downtown scene. She was there with the fashion contingent Pallidum, under the D-Mob label, with partner/fellow designer, Melissa Caplan, along with members of Spandau Ballet (for whom she was a co-stylist), and Chris Sullivan of the pop/jazz ensemble Blue Rondo A La Turk. The premier show of London in New York took place at the Roxy. By the time she was making music with Pride, which morphed into the band "Sade", her presence in both London and NYC was more and more well-known. It isn't a stretch to find her among those others working there as spotlight employees about to blow up.

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