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October 23, 2019



Jesus, I haven't been following your blog all that long, but those kids grew up fast. I half expect you to start crying any day now about them staying out too long and shopping for prom. And college tours....

Alex in NYC

Funny you should mention that, as I got in a big, blowout fight with the daughter on Friday night about the staying out too late. We are there already.


When I got a call from the high school principal about the son cutting classes (to attend a Foo Fighters concert in Philadelphia, I learned later), my mother said it was karma for all the grief I gave her when I was a "rebellious" teenager.

(I thought I was pretty tame: I didn't smoke, drink or do drugs until I left for college. And I cut classes just once, after my jeans got soaked by the monthly Red Tide and the school nurse refused to let me go home.)

Anyway, it felt weird to be lecturing my kid on the importance of school attendance when in my heart, I would've loved to call in sick to see one of my favorite bands play in Philly. Parenting when you're an old punk is hard.

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