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September 15, 2019



Gonna cling to my own uninformed stupid opinion about Steely Dan. Your summary of your bias captures my lingering ignorance beautifully.


Only one I can think of is Kiss. When I first encountered pictures of the band, I thought I was in for a bone rattling hell fest. What I got instead was some very harmonic, sing-a-long, user friendly rock. Took me years to shake off the idea of what I thought they should sound like and to be able to listen to what they actually did sound like. Everything up to and including Dynasty is classic!


Got another one: The Rolling Stones. For years I claimed they were only a great singles band. This wasn't based on anything but my own inner workings. I just claimed this from a young age, out of the blue. Took years before - again out of the blue - it dawned on me that if they made great singles they might make great albums too. I mean, why not? And boy did they!


1. Paul Simon is for the Upper East Side Sunday Brunch Crowd: Completely void of anything remotely interesting,compelling or "fun". It really lacks the depth and ability to be timeless.

2. Elton John is way better then Billy Joel: I prefer Elton John (that's not saying much) to Billy Joel for a number of reasons. The music has a fine textural feel to it with the orchestration, and really great lyric by Taupin. "Love Lies Bleeding" kicks ass to any one of Joel's songs.

3. Green Day: At the height of punk from the mid 70's to 80's, Green Day would have had to shine the shoes of any punk heavyweight. More of a product of riding on the coattails of the post-Nirvana signing frenzy and the growing Alternative AOR push, Green Day is derivative and fails on authenticity.

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