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September 23, 2019


Martina Yoitzova

Good riddance. Trigger owner of Continental was a dick who sold out the live music, punks, and artists for shots, NYU kids, and insufferable millenials in general, McDonald's drew trash, fights etc., the restaurant with the movie marquee letters displaced my beloved St.Mark's Pizza, and who cares about a Smoke Shop bodega?

Hopefully Ray's Pizza is next. Their pizza and attitude have sucked for well over a decade.

Time to realize east of Broadway is dead culturally.

Alex in NYC

I stopped going to the Continental once they stopped hosting live music. I also was a huge fan of St. Marks Pizza and continue to miss it (there are precious few decent pizzerias left in the neighborhood). I have no thoughts about the McDonald's one way or another, but when the corner was the Optimo newspaper shop, I did occasionally patronize it. My lament has more to do with what's going to take the place of these concerns.

I know you're a super big fan of making sweeping proclamations, but wait `til this fucking monstrosity occupies that corner:

Martina Yoitzova

Yeah I know what's being built there and I'm not "a big fan of making sweeping proclamations", I'm just telling it like it is which is this:

East of Broadway i.e. the East Village is dead and has been dead for many years, and to "lament" it is pointless.

This is the way of things in New York and yeah it sucks but it also sucks to be bummed out by it especially when you've never met 99.999% of the fucks who inhabit the EV and never will.

Realize places open and close, old places don't automatically rule, most rule relative to what's there now but not that much, and you'll sleep better at night. Btw that McDonald's next to Continental was the beginning of the end for that immediate area.

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