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September 16, 2019



Lovely tribute Alex. Well written pop lingo perfect. They were a great band.


Thanks for this. So well said. I also consider that transition between “Shoo Be Doo” and “Candy-O” to be one of the most powerful, jarring and sexiest moments on a record EVER.


Great article Alex! The Cars were absolute masters at writing 4-5 minute pop songs. Their songs had undeniable hooks and had a rock n roll sensibility. Easton was brilliant at short, concise and melodic guitar solos. Sadly, I think in some way their music had to be more fully appreciated years later.


A great band that had the added bonus of Ben and Ric being genuinely kind people. Haven’t met the others yet.


Sure shoobedoo and candy-o but no other album by any rock band compares to the seamless sequencing of side two of their first album. Which arguably are their four best songs.


I come back and read every year on this date. I love The Cars. Thank you.

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