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September 27, 2019



I am not a violent person (I swear) but when I visited the 9/11 memorial site, I had an overwhelming urge to grab the selfie sticks from grinning tourists and beat their owners with them. The place is a fucking CEMETERY: the remains of people who were never found are resting somewhere in those granite-lined pits. I don't know anyone personally who died there, but I was moved to tears seeing the non-Anglo names carved along the enclosure, people whose ethnic and religious backgrounds are now being demonized by the Hope to Gawd Soon To Be Impeached President. Anyway, I won't ever go back there if I can avoid it. That, and the Hello Deli near the Ed Sullivan Theater....


Man, I can remember at least 3 all-day road trips from Cleveland to NYC to catch a show (or a weekend's worth) at the Apollo in the mid-60s.....and then all-night trips home....

How dare you!


LOL...OMG, I'm with you on every single one of those!

Except the Whitney. It's still the great institution is always was, in a great space. Go. Seriously.

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