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September 07, 2019



Peg Leg Porker, 903 Gleaves St., 615-829-6023

Somewhat on the way to the airport. Order ahead and have your driver (of whatever) stop by and grab'em on your way outta town. Dry Rub Rack'O'Ribs are "better-than-sex" legendary ;>)

challenging you

Of all the bands from the '90s you can think of to write a piece about this is the one you come up with? Nashville Pussy...from Georgia, with a male singer, and named because...Nashville is famous for its pxxxy?

Alex in NYC

You're becoming quite a prolific commenter. (IP addresses don't lie).

I "came up" with this because of the specific context cited in the opening paragraphs.

No one's making you read this stuff, man. If it continues to upset you, might I suggest finding something else to spend your time on.


That was a fun time in downtown nyc music. I saw Nashville and the Candy Snatchers and a bunch of those bands a number of times. Electric Frankenstein and Gaunt are two more that come to mind.

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