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September 18, 2019



Go on Twitter and don't go back on Facebook.

Twitter BURIES Facebook. You can block people and even better mute them so they don't even know you don't see their BS. You can even block words. The protected tweets option is great, too.

David Marin

if it's any consolation I find this to be 100% accurate:

Twitter is for people you've never met but would like to have drinks with and FB is for people you know and want to throw drinks at.


(PS TOMORROW is the 40th anniversary of the London Calling lp cover photo bass smash.)


I deleted my Faceboob account not long after the 2016 election, partly because I saw so many people among my "Friends" come out for Cheetos Mussolini (who knew? I consider myself pretty political, but I seldom asked people what their opinions were on immigration policy or Middle East foreign relations): but mostly because I found out my employer, a certain urban school district, was actively monitoring social media and going after employees whose opinions were considered offensive or demeaning of said employer. You could scream free speech and 'where are my First Amendment rights?' all you wanted; apparently one's place of employment can fire you for saying "My job sucks dick" or "one of my students is a little Nazi." Even if you wrote the comment at 1 a.m. on a Saturday.

All this said, I do miss keeping up with community events, activities by my favorite bands, and sometimes faraway friends (but not many). Though it doesn't say a lot when somebody issues a funeral notice for their mother on FB and doesn't bother to call or email those not on the site. Or worst, when my kid thinks writing "Happy Birthday, Mom!" on my FB wall is as good as giving me a phone call. Guess who's not getting my record collection when I die? [sob]

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