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August 10, 2019



Hold up. Why is it a "conspiracy theory" to say Trump had Epstein killed?

Trump has said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it and encouraged people to shoot migrants after some lowlife POS said shoot them at one of his hate rallies.

Would you put it past Trump to order someone to order someone to order someone get the point.

Epstein might've had the goods on Trump - what better way to prevent those goods from being delivered than to kill Epstein?

Where's the videotape of his "suicide" huh? What did he die of and why the fu ck is the autopsy taking so long to come out? Did he hang himself in his jailcell or not? How when he had no shoelaces or cloth sheets/clothing?

Alex in NYC

Citing something as a conspiracy theory is not to say it has no merit. If Trump had Epstein snuffed, that is very literally a conspiracy. Until proven, it is a theory. Thus, it's a Conspiracy Theory.

I mean, perhaps you'd prefer we call it a Conspiracy Probability, but that's just not a conventional turn of phrase.

My allusion, however, was more to the theories on the Right, suggesting that the Clintons were involved with his death, although as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't make that much sense. If the Clintons had that sort of power, don't you think Hilary would be in the White House?

There is, of course, the simple possibility that Epstein -- knowing what awaited him in a long prison sentence -- just didn't want to face the music. Now, why he wasn't on suicide watch is, of course, another puzzling matter.

My only regret is that karma wasn't able to mete out to him the same treatment he inflicted on his victims. That said, I'm glad he's dead. I wish some of his pals would follow suit.


Point taken that you're talking about people saying it's the Clintons who did it so this is really directed at others:

It's a conspiracy theory because I say President Pussy Grabber is or might be involved in Epstein's death? Enough with people giving this guy special treatment.

An old lady is lying on the sidewalk unconscious, big cut on her head, blood running down one side of her face at 12:22pm on a Tuesday. She has no handbag but neighbors immediately identify her as someone who lives two doors down from where she's laying and always carries a black handbag which is found three blocks from where she is with nothing in it save her photo ID and a pack of facial tissues. She has also been out every day Monday through Friday 11am to 1pm for the past 15 years without incident.

So it's a "conspiracy theory" that a mugger hit her over the head to get money from her handbag then tossed the handbag after emptying out of cash and whatever else? After all why now on this day after 15 years of her being outside two hours a day 5 days a week to be hit in the head for her handbag?

Epstein died in his jailcell. He has left stuff behind. What stuff for the FBI to scour his private island for it? It must tie to at least a person or two or three. If one of them is Trump yeah Trump had him killed, ok, fuck the "conspiracy theory" shit. Dude had dirt on Trump, dude died on Trump's watch, dude being killed by Trump or a Trump lackey is not unreasonable at all. Trump muttering "kill him, just do it" to Barr and Barr arranging for it is not unheard of at all. You know Barr is freaking out over the FBI raid of Epstein's private island. TRUMP IS A CORRUPT MAN, A LIAR, A CONMAN. I don't put it past him to mutter "kill him" at all.

Epstein's "suicide" doesn't add up and it's so easy to say he was off suicide watch cuz that cuts his jailors a break "oh we took him off and we did it anyway." Yeah? Who took him off why/based on what?

Being inquisitive is not looking for or proclaiming conspiracies.

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