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August 19, 2019



Ackshully, my kids have been stamped with my 80s-formed musical tastes, and I bet yours have been too, in spite of this thing called Spotify. Or is it Pandora? Or iTunes?

(At this point, my kids would groan and say, "Mom, you're soooo OLD!" But they love The Ramones, and Bowie, and The Clash, and whatever else they can salvage from my record collection.)

But thank you for this. I tried to avoid all the Woodstock hoopla on public television (The American Experience? Really?) and NPR. I also love the artists that were featured there, but it sounds like a shitshow of mud, poor planning, and terrible transportation logistics. You ever try driving up to Woodstock in the summer, with all the tourists on the road? Plus I was barely in elementary school when it happened: the one sixth grader whose older brother went to Woodstock acted like he personally shared a bong with Jimi Hendrix. He grew his hair to his shoulders and sewed (or his mom sewed) that stupid dove with guitar logo onto his Real Levi's Jacket. Yes, I was insanely jealous, but when I was in high school, I was doing my imitation of Siouxie Sioux while he was a burnt out hippie. Last i heard, he was in rehab in Minnesota. But I'd like to think that punks at least didn't vote for Reagan, while a significant portion of the Woodstock generation suddenly went right wing and crazy.

s. Norman

I always like to remind my hippy interlocutors that Sha Na Na played Woodstock. That usually takes the coolness factor down a notch. Donny and Marie appearing might have been just as cool.

the G

Speaking of which--re: coffee table photo books of this type--
There was a Karen O'Sullivan book slated for release a while back that seems to have vanished without a trace. I don't think it ever materialized. Anybody know what happened with it?

Alex in NYC

Yes, you're talking about "Below 14th & East." I posted about it here. Haven't seen or heard any updates.

My own coffee table book on Cop Shoot Cop isn't quite dead on arrival, but it's on the back burner of a stove that isn't even plugged in, at the moment, at least.


Yeah I think when you recognize that every generation has their "defining moment/era" that's a sign of age, wisdom, or somewhere in between.

Growing up in the 70s/80s, Woodstock and the 60s were worshipped and anchored a lot of people's cultural touchstones. I too embraced the "new" - punk, hiphop, etc. But alas, now that is old as well. And now there's too many documentaries, films, and recollections of that time gone by. Now over 30 years since the 80s!!!...really?!? Everyone has their turn, and to the ones who came before, the new kids turn is lame, trying too hard and just not as interesting.


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