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August 26, 2019


RIP Brownies

Yeah they remodeled it for the NYU crowd who are too young to drink save the seniors.

That was the endgame of this bullshit venue:

Open it as a live music venue, do a halfassed job with the bookings (they booked total, utter shit from day one), then gradually turn it into yet another NYU bar just like Hi-Fi Lounge did and say "we couldn't make it with live music" - no shit but be honest. Live music was a ruse to get Community Board 3 to approve their liquor license.

Alex in NYC

I don't know enough of the backstory and, like i said, despite my best intentions, never made it there -- but do you really believe it was a ruse? I mean, do you think Community Board 3 was really in a rush to approve a live music venue in the East Village (especially one so close to new, sprawling residential developments?) That doesn't strike me as a shoe-in. Not to sound like the naive idealist, but I have a hard time imagining Jesse Malin planning for this venture to fail.

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