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April 25, 2019


Rob OConnor

Interesting to me that it was Rite Aid. I worked for Encore Books in 1989-1990 and they were owned by the Rite Aid corp. which was known back then as one cheap operation out of Pennsylvania. Aside from books, we ran video rentals. We occasionally ordered CDs for people but did not stock them in the store. But they were available through the same distributors who carried the books we ordered.

I used to ask why we couldn't add CDs to our store and was told it was too much trouble.

Rite Aid Corp. was so cheap that at Xmas time, employees (who were paid under $4/hr) were given $20 gift certificates and then told that the 30% employee discount did not apply towards Xmas bonus purchases.

Even with the employee discount, buying CDs through their distributors were no real bargain.

I visit certain unsellable CDs myself but usually in actual record shops.

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