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April 30, 2019



Jeezus. It IS kind of weird, disorienting even, to see the posters from my college dorm room hanging in a museum, though I didn't have the fancypants frames or matting those posters are so reverently mounted in. (It cost me $65 in 1980 to frame a photograph of Johnny Rotten during The Sex Pistols' last performance in the US, and I think, their final show together as a band. I spent the following month eating ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that's how much the photo was worth to me. Yeah, I still have it.)

Does this mean we have reached dinosaur status, or has the mainstream finally caught up with us? My son, turning 30 this year, refers to my box of records from the late 70s and 80s as "Mom's classical collection."

Was Proxy

Alex, I had that Elvis Costello Armed Forces poster on my wall for years!!!

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