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April 15, 2019



Great find.


Thinking that much of the attention that AOC is getting is due to the fact that she is:
1) Young
2) A women
and in that order.
(I know those are THE 2 obvious factors, but I really think it starts with her youth first, and then that she's female)
Let me explain:
It is STILL the case whenever ANY government/industry/military?university governing body is shown in most media....
IT'S A BUNCH OF OLD (mostly white) (mostly BALDING) MEN!
Makin' decisions about net regulations, abortion, driver-less cars, daycare. university policy and tuition, etc. Old. Old. Old.
They're a bunch of OLD men who are beyond whatever the hell it is they're discussing. Do they even HAVE a smart-phone? Do they know what one IS? And don't get me started on Prez candidates (T-Dupe is 72; Biden 74: Bernie, lost count)....WHO under 30 gonna vote for Grandpa?)
So to most of these seniors it's like who is this punk kid trying to tell us Titans what to do? Why do they upset EVERY meeting they're in? And wotthehell is a TWITTER?

I'M an old balding white guy, and I wouldn't want me in charge of ANYTHING!
BRING ON 'DA YOOTS fer chrissake!
(This comment works better if imagined in the voice of George Costanza ;>)

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