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March 29, 2019



Convert metal filing cabinet into 3 or 4 plastic storage filing boxes; and those containers end up on a heavy-duty shelf; either waist high for easy access, or head high to just get them out of the way (especially if you're not constantly using them). Had to do this one myself about 10 years ago....don't miss the old behemoth at all.

Desk is a puzzler....perhaps it could be eliminated entirely by purchasing an 85" combo tv screen/monitor and wireless keyboard. Enjoy computer pursuits from the comfort of your living room couch. Nothing like emails with 4-inch tall letters first thing in the mornin'!


What brand is the red portable turntable in the upper left corner of the photo?


If it's any comfort to you, my son-in-law, who works in finance and makes insane amounts of money (to me living on a teacher's salary, anyway), and my daughter had to abandon their search for a bigger apartment because they couldn't find anything that was both affordable on a single income and in a neighborhood they felt comfortable raising two kids in. I've been thinking that at this rate, there won't be any families living in Manhattan, and de Blasio might as well close up the public schools there.

But---speaking as one who had to fit three kids in a two-bedroom apartment for ten years---lose the old-school computer and get a laptop that you don't need a desk for. You can park it on the dining room table or even your actual lap while watching TV or listening to music. The filing kids would say "Really? You still keep paper files around?" as they push me to scan more stuff and store it in "the cloud." (And they mock me for believing in an afterlife, when they put their faith and photos and music and tax files in this cloud.) You could also put up wall shelves up near the ceiling and place square storage baskets on them, the kind that Apartment Therapy writers get all excited about.

But I seriously feel for ya. When my kids were in high school, I finally found a three-bedroom apartment in Queens and said farewell to Manhattan. None of us were thrilled with the move, but we actually had not only separate bedrooms for the girls and their brother, but a master bathroom and a separate one down the hall for the kids. For the first time in their lives, they didn't have to fight over who got to piss first before somebody took a shower or put on their makeup. And then...they went off to college on the West Coast, and I was all alone in that big space. It'll come sooner than you think. If that's any comfort.

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