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February 01, 2019


GG Allin

I was recently listening to Rainbow's Stone Cold, that song of the LP with one of the worst cover-art decisions in history. Joe Lynn Turner had a helluva voice. Sure, the song registers high on the corny meter today, but that was one of my fave videos on early MTV!


Ha! I never noticed the similarities, that's funny. 'Stone Cold'...that song was in the middle of high school for me. I'm not a giant fan of Rainbow but I did like that song and full disclosure, it's on my iPod. There was a lot of lame music in the early 80s, and once MTV really started to take off it got worse. Compared to today though a lot of that stuff seems like high-art. As bad as some of the pop music was back then at least there was an underground which in today's musical landscape is completely non-existent.

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