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February 12, 2019



We are living in an age where the exception is the rule.
Meaning that a ridiculously small group of people (if not ONE person) can object to something, and it hits the headlines in a way that makes it seem like a "movement", or at least something that we should pay attention to.
I'm saying this only to wonder how history will be written in our current and future digital age. It used to be "the winners", "the rich", "the powerful", or "the men" who passed down their version of history.
I'm wondering if the history of Rush will be written in the future, in that "RUSH was a very popular band until a movement began in the early 21st century that they were no longer cool".
Now extrapolate this out to other histories. Gonna be goddamn scary, bro.
Goddamn scary.

Riff Chorusriff

So well said! Long live Rush!

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