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January 23, 2019



Yup! That kid's face really is ripe for punching. He's plenty old (and rich) enough to know better. He does, and like most of his rich and obnoxious pals, likes to play dumb and act as though he doesn't know what being white while wearing that stupid Neo-KKK hat in front of a Native American means. Punch that face. Now.


I was angrier at the way mainstream news and online media backpeddled so quickly from "outrage over white boys harassing Native American veteran" to "it's complicated and we shouldn't rush to judge these poor victimized kids." Fuck that gaslighting: especially since Sandmann's parents were rich enough to hire a GOP-supporting PR firm to spin his image and make it look like he was an INNOCENT VICTIM. If this kid is up for nomination as a Supreme Court justice 30 years from now, I will officially become an anarchist and blow shit up. Even if I am at that point an old lady on a walker. And before someone says, 'Hey, bet you did some dumb stuff when you were a teenager,' Imma gonna say I did not march in antiabortion protests or harass old Native American men. I was a feminist in high school (I had a Ms. magazine subscription when I was 17); I marched with Cesar Chavez during the United Farm Workers' strike; and I passed out boycott/devestment flyers against apartheid South Africa. The one thing I apologize for is being a fan of the Doobie Brothers after Michael McDonald became their lead singer. When friends found my stash of Doobie Brothers records in my collection, they taunted me to no end. And I deserved it.


Equating what a Maga hat stand for to the people wearing them to swastikas worshiped by the Nazis and fascists around the world is beyond stupid
I'm not pro trump or pro anything but comparing right wing supporters to the evil of the Nazi empire is insane

Alex in NYC

Is it?

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