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December 17, 2018



One of the ways I've had success with not DEVOlving into the geezer-route
(68 mf'in' yrsold next week.....FUCKKKKK.....this wasn't supposed to HAPPEN dammit!)
(WHOA boy!....better than the alternative ;>)
is this LiveList site. Lots to look at, and 80% of the shows are free: but I usually just head down to line 3, "Upcoming Shows":

Site does a pretty good job of mixing old school with upcoming, but fair warning, it's a broad palette.

Mike Davidowitz

Great list, thanks! Couple I haven't heard before and will be checking out!

Side note: UGH!! Why do white people look so gross? (not racist, I'm white)


The chorus of Danny Nedelko is maybe the most joyous thing I've heard from a rock song in years.

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