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  • Burning Flags Press
    The website of Glen E. Friedman. Renowned for both his work with musicians like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Slayer (and many, many more) as well as his groundbreaking documentation of the burgeoning skateboard phenomenon in the late `70's, Glen has been privvy to (and has summarily captured on film) some of the coolest stuff ever. He's also an incredibly insightful and nice guy to boot.
  • SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum
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October 09, 2018



One proof of Trump's narcissism is that he thinks that Taylor Swift or any of the celebrities he takes swipes at cares about his opinions. I suspect that the only reason why he "likes" her is because she's blonde and young. Like Ivanka.

But I'm still gobsmacked that my 20-something punk rocker son loves Taylor Swift. He told me it's because she's "a feminist songwriter." Oookay. I thought Sleater-Kinney was his favorite feminist songwriting band, but they're all in their mid-40s, which my son says is old. No, I did not slap him, since he's now so tall I cannot reach his head.


hi Alex, I’m curious : would you like a favorite artist’s music any less if you knew and strenuously disagreed with his or her politics?

Alex in NYC

First of all, hi Kathleen, :)

It really depends on the extent of their fervor and the particular circumstances. Just as I have friends whose politics I disagree with, there are favorite artists of mine whose political sensibilities differ from mine. Johnny Ramone, for an obvious example, was an ardent Conservative and tireless nationalist. By the same token, he was also an avowed acolyte of the Manson Family, so take from that what you will.

Glen Danzig of the Misfits was also pointedly averse to Clinton and Obama, but is also a committed Satanist, which is sort of considerably at odds with the alleged core of the “flag-&-Bible”-centric GOP. Which master do you serve, Glen?

In the cases of both Johnny and Glenn, I believe they were both more about renouncing that which they didn’t like about the Left than firmly espousing the mores and values of the Right. In any event, I’m able to overlook my differences in both of those instances and still enjoy the music of their respective bands.

This is not the case with everyone.

After I heard Dave Mustaine of Megadeth allege from the stage that the shootings at Sandy Hook were orchestrated by Obama as an excuse to ramp up gun control, I completely divested from any semblance of appreciation of his/their music. That was, as they say, a dealbreaker.

By and large, most of my favorite bands skew to the Left, so it’s fairly rare that I’m faced with the quandary in question. I don’t give a rolling rat fuck about Kanye West, so his espousal of Trump is neither deflating nor surprising.

It’s not an exact science, of course. I don’t begrudge Conservatives Hell, there are far too many of them in my own family. But Trump-supporters are different. For a start, they do NOT represent the genuine core values of what used be the Republican Party. If any of my favorite artists — from Killing Joke to Cop Shoot Cop to XTC to Devo — ever expressed any affinity for Donald Trump (or, for that matter, Brett Kavanaugh) — that would indeed be a deal breaker.

I just cannot respect anyone who supports Trump, regardless of the merits of their art.


That’s a thoughtful answer, thanks Alex. I find I’m often being faced with the’quandary in question’ as my thoughts rarely align with the politics artists seem increasingly intent in expressing. I think I’d prefer if artists left more for their audiences’ imagination, and showed us with their art, rather than telling us in dumbed down hector lecture style.

But that’s just me! It is an old question, I suppose, the role of the artist in society.

How’s your high schooler doing? And Oliver too? Mark sends regards!


Alex in NYC

Well, it's a double-edged sword, really. I mean, yeah -- artists risk alienating swathes of their audience by speaking out about their own political leanings. By the same token, I don't endorse the "shut up and play your guitar" retort. Obviously, entertainers are there to do just that -- entertain. But artists -- I realize we're parsing relative terms, here -- are meant to express their truth. That's arguably what makes their art impactful. As such, I wouldn't necessarily want them to curtail that expression.

Here's another prime example: KISS. I'm a life-long fan of theirs, or as I prefer to call it, I'm a conscientious objector in the KISS Army. Not sure about Peter, Ace and Paul, but I know Gene Simmons is an unsolicitedly outspoken proponent of the Right (although I'm not sure how he feels about Trump). I also know that he's pretty much a horrible, avaricious and objectionable character across the board. For some reason, I'm able to overlook (most) of his antics on that level, as KISS have always been more about exclusively entertaining. That's what they do. If you're looking for depth, emotional resonance or soul-baring candor, you're not going to get it from KISS. As such, their politics and/or their inner-most convictions on any number of subjects just don't enter into it.

Conversely, take a guy like Springsteen. Now, personally speaking, I cannot stand Bruce's music. It's just not my bag. That said, I cannot knock him for the impact of his work. He's a veritable elder statesman and generational spokesman. Unlike Gene Simmons, his word carry weigh and import. What he has to say about politics has more considerable heft than what Simmons or Ted Nugent might have to say.

Then, of course, there's Bono.

My high schooler is rapturously happy at her new school, fully engaged and bounding out the door every morning. In that capacity, the investment has been a massive success, thus far.

Oliver is doing well, too. How's your gang? Please send the boys our love.

We'd love to get back over there some time. Not sure when that would happen, but y'know ... stay tuned.


I stopped following Iggy Pop when he said he had sex with Barbara Bush...

too far, man

too far


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