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October 30, 2018



(Hey, the Twitter sign in isn't working today.)

I don't know where "the media" finds these hopeless yokels, but my own Millennial kids are nothing like this. For this year's primaries in NYC, my oldest actually stood in line for 40 minutes with a squirmy two-year-old, waiting to vote at some church six blocks from her building. (The city really, really needs to increase the number of voting stations: I send in an absentee ballot every year because my back---talking about olds---can't take standing in line that long.)

But in California this sort of shit is inexcusable. You can register on Election Day, right there at the voting station as long as you have a state drivers' license or ID, something most Californians have because the state has a dysfunctional public transit system. (Like, "What bus? I never see buses around here. What's a subway? Is it those train things they show in the movies?")

Texas does have some serious issues with allowing its residents to vote, as do a lot of GOP-dominated states. But I think about a 75-year-old friend who got beaten up trying to vote in 1960s Mississippi, and I want to rage cry. Not voting because you get anxiety over going to the mailbox is fucked.

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