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October 06, 2018



With all due respect, no.

1. You want 50G to stay open for only two more years and then what? You're a sunk cost.

2. Only a few hundred people actually buy from your store cuz your location sucks.

3. For such a "downtown" and "underground music" record store where's the hardcore punk? Seriously, you've been around since I was a teenager and I haven't hit your place once cuz you're too good or stuck up to carry not only my scene's music but support an entire community's expression, so why should I support you now?

4. Close the store and do mailorder.

Jesus Christ Allin

$5 contributed.


feel bad for him, a good guy. it's pretty much impossible to make money with a store that predominantly sells CDs, just aren't enough buyers. the average person streams music, and the people who are really into music buy vinyl.

might make sense to slash prices. all those experimental and jazz cds that have been sitting there for 10 years ain't gonna move at $18, but they might sell at $7-10, or two-for-one, or buy two cds get the third one free...or something. be creative. at least he'd get some cash flow.

good luck, DMG!

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