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October 15, 2018


phil dokes

Ugh, i share your viewpoint as well. I've only been to NYC twice sadly, but the thing that irks me large from what i managed to choke down was that he's living there like a tourist. JUST SHUT UP AND LIVE THERE DUDE! As Bourdain said some version or other of "Don't be a tourist, be a traveller" If that kid walked into the right bodega and just relaxed he's be a lot better off & learn a lot more than working down some checklist...ugh. Thanks for the blog, man, it resonates even from here in the hinterlands of Ohio


Too bad time travel is out of the question, I'd like to drop him into the 70's Manhattan I grew up in. Run mofo run!


The guy is a typical Long Island tryhard and a lazy. Yeah, come to NYC, one more person on the subway, willing to pay exorbiant rent, on line for overrated Prince Street Pizza etc. Heaven forbid pretentious, insufferable millenial dipshits like him move to a non-hip big city like Indianapolis and build a life and fortune (oh excuse me "Fortune") there. It's easier to go to NYC. Then when they don't make it they move elsewhere and bash NYC "it's too expensive." Yeah cuz you and every other Friends/Sex In The City wannabe blindly accept paying the high rents charged in a desperate attempt to be the real-life versions of those vapid, awful characters - ffffuck you!


I can only agree with these two comments (all the way from Paris France) ! Thanks for this great article and shared point of view !


Listen...I know society at large is conditioned to think young people by default are ‘hip’, ‘cutting edge’ and dare I say ‘bohemian’ but the fact is the significance of youth has changed over the last 20-30 years. When your prime motivation is marketing you just become another entity catering to consumer trends. There’s no larger purpose and no invitation to heightened awareness or elevation of consciousness. I’m about to turn 52, the math says I’m ‘old’, but I’m the one out of touch? Ha...please!

Alex in NYC

Yeah, I had a few reservations about this post. I mean, Brett Conti does indeed personify a lot of traits that, for better or worse, define a certain type of cloying millennial New Yorker.

And, yes, I’m entirely put off by many of his priorties and motivations, to say nothing of the perky manner in which he seems to perceive himself as some sort of self-appointed expert/ambassador. That does indeed kinda make my skin crawl, but I try to keep that ire in check, not because I consider myself genuinely old and irrelevant, but because how is my blog really any different from his ….er…. vlog? I mean, I approach my entries through the lens of past experience, I suppose, but I’m still blabbing away about my own silly life and opinions. Does the mere fact that I’m somewhere north of twice Brett’s age make my insights any more or less valid?

Who am I to knock this kid when I’m basically wallowing in that same pool of self-indulgence? My Libran tendency to be fair-minded is preventing me from wholly lambasting his venture. Also, look how many subscribers/viewers he’s got!! That doesn’t change how I feel about the content, but he’s definitely got a robust following.

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