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September 24, 2018



Struck by a few things:
-the hair....length alone was enough to get you unwanted attention from construction workers and cops alike.
-no shoes....passing by a construction site, or entering a retail shop...."Hey lady....whaddyathink, 'dis is Venice Beach or somethin'....gedouttaheah....and GET A JOB!"
(also find it hilarious that she's LIMPING across the cross-walk in her final appearance in the vid = purrrrfect! :>)
-I think it was Van Ronk that called these kids "tunnel and bridge chumps" the older "more serious" folkies, and others, these folks were besmirching the Village codes on many levels.
-part of that thinking came from the way the younger crowd consumed drugs. The older crowd felt they were getting high for more lofty goals than the weekend warriors who were in it to just get "fucked-up".
-I miss cherry tops.....WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?
Great vid....thanks!


Thanks for posting. I'm always on the lookout for stuff like this, and this clip you located is an AMAZING find. I've lived in the E. Village for 25 years. In fact I live right around the corner from where a lot of this was shot. What's really interesting about this footage is that locations of places like the Digger Free Store are still there, but with the facade the building has now you would never know it. I wish time machines existed because I would pay good money to go back to that period and have a chance to hang at the Electric Circus or the Fillmore East.


Wonderful footage ! Thanks for sharing !

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