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September 13, 2018



Killing Joke @ 9:30pm? Give me a fucking break. What? Everyone has to be home in bed by midnight or some shit? That's a ridiculously early start time for a middle of the week show. Make it 10pm at the EARLIEST. Big deal if it started at 11. Figure they're over by 12:30am and you get home by 2am at the latest, lose a few hours of sleep before getting up at 6-8am for work. Too bad the Boston show was the day before not the day after.

Airlines are a fucking unfunny joke nowadays. They should pay every passenger a dollar for every minute past a half-hour after the arrival time e.g. if you depart at 3pm Central Time, your flight is supposed to arrive by 6:30pm Eastern Time, and it arrives at 11pm ET (4.5 hours late), you are paid $240 ($1 a minute x 240 minutes for 7-11pm.) Time is money!

Shawn Chittle

Sorry about the weather delay Alex. Won’t help you feel any better but at least you’re alive to see them again. Unsafe air travel is very uncool. We care about you making it home OK. Hope you can catch them at another venue. Very bummed to hear this.


Ugh, this is the sort of thing I could easily see happening to me. So f'in frustrating. Sorry, that really sucks. I also agree with "X"'s comment- 9:30 headliner?!? WTF? I remember bands headlining at the Ritz going on midnight or 1am in the 80s. Ridiculous.


bummer, so sorry to hear.

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