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Noteworthy Photography

  • Burning Flags Press
    The website of Glen E. Friedman. Renowned for both his work with musicians like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Slayer (and many, many more) as well as his groundbreaking documentation of the burgeoning skateboard phenomenon in the late `70's, Glen has been privvy to (and has summarily captured on film) some of the coolest stuff ever. He's also an incredibly insightful and nice guy to boot.
  • SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum
    Allan Tannenbaum is a local photographer who has been everywhere and shot everything, from members of Blondie hanging out at the Mudd Club through the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th. You could spend hours on this site, and I have.
  • Robert Otter Photographs
    Amazing vintage photographs of New York City, specifically my own neighborhood, Greenwich Village.
  • oboylephoto
    Just some intensely cool photographs of abandoned places.
  • Rikki Ercoli's Legends of Punk
    Much like Glen E. Friedman (see above), Rikki Ercoli has managed to catch some amazing bands in their manic element.
  • Lost & Found Film
    A fascinating website devoted to undeveloped film found in vintage camers. A curious mixture of interesting and spooky.
  • Pinhole Photography by Veronica Saddler
    NYC landmarks shot through a pinhole lens. Neat-o.
  • Eugene Merinov
    Compelling shots of Punk, Post-Punk and New Wave band performing live in various long-lost venues in a pre-sanitized New York City. Great stuff!
  • Edward Colver

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July 12, 2018


Actual New Yorker

Speak whatever language you want I don't care but what you're leaving out is that many of these people not only CAN'T but WON'T speak English! In my neighborhood they have no intention to assimilate and on top of that they expect me to learn THEIR language! Plus they're ALL living off of public assistance! You know you've reached bottom when you regularly see some poor cashier futilely arguing with a non-English speaker about their empty EBT card... If this is your idea of a rich tapestry of diversity or whatever you better be ready for a second term of Trump being "not your president" because no one's buying it anymore!!

And your put-down of Staten Island is especially vile considering the adjacent calls for respect and a "harmonious whole"... Nothing says inclusion like contempt for your neighbor, right?

Alex in NYC

My crack at Staten Island was just that .... a crack. I would have imagined an "actual New Yorker" would have recognized that.

How do you know they're all living off public assistance if you cannot communicate with them?

Thanks for commenting.

Alex in NYC

Oh wait, you're the panzer division guy. Bye bye.

Noise Annoys

" Plus they're ALL living off of public assistance!"

Here, right here. This is the point at which you can spot an idiot. If you spoke to your neighbours, you might learn something.

Actual New Yorker

Ha ha that's it! Deny! Double down! What will you do though come 2020 and you've been Trumped for four more years? Here's an idea: seek refuge by sneaking into another country and demanding they feed/clothe/shelter you. Demand the right to vote in their elections. Demand new legislation that protects your illegal status. Declare your unalienable right to an iPhone and an unlimited data plan. And please be sure to make all demands in a foreign language for maximum effect!

In the meantime, how many immigrants and refugees have you welcomed into your home? My Honduran super recently got shitcanned when the landlord sold the building... now he spends all day in front of the liquor store downstairs. Will you take him in? Doesn't speak a lick of English but I'm sure you won't mind... just think of how rich your tapestry will be!

Noise Annoys

Do you people ever take responsibility for yourselves? Have you ever been to the South? Full to bursting of ignorant white folk, almost entirely unable to speak any useful variant of English, read a book, hold down a job, etc...not to mention the white man's current habit of blasting rounds of ammunition whenever his culture feels 'threatened'. White culture will soon cease to be the majority in the US, and it's not a moment too soon. Adios!

Actual New Yorker

Thank you for even more denial and doubling down! We like when the mask comes off and your message pivots from "Coexist!" to "Kill whitey!"... makes our job so much easier! At this point all we have to do is sit back and watch you all self-combust! These are great days... To see you lose on a daily basis is reward enough but then to see your demise hastened by your own hand... We couldn't ask for anything more! (I am running out of popcorn though... maybe I should sneak into a foreign country and demand more in a language they don't speak!)

Noise Annoys

Kill whitey? Wow, comprehension is not your strong point is it? And you were so proud of your language skills earlier.
NB - if you did 'sneak' into a foreign country (as a Yankee Doodle, you don't have to 'sneak' anywhere, as your passport allows you to travel pretty much the whole world problem-free) you might learn a thing or two! But hey, feel free to repeat 'double down' again, like the wise sage that you think yourself!

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