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May 03, 2018



I concur as to location. In third picture on the far right you can see the old New School Graduate Faculty building. I know it because I pretty much lived there for about 3-3.5 years of graduate school back between 1981-84. And yes the old Lone Star would have been across the street on 13th and Fifth at least when I was there. I would occasionally stop in there for a beer or two, although my preferred spots were the Cedar Tavern and the Old Town Bar.
Back then, I barely ever paid much attention to who was playing at the Lone Star since I wasn't into Austin-style country and folk music. Since then I've very much gotten into that genre. As for the Cedar, that old bar is now located in south Austin at a place called the Eberly on Lamar. I stopped in to see it, take a couple of photos, and have a beer but have to admit it just doesn't have the same feel; too much light.

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