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Noteworthy Photography

  • Burning Flags Press
    The website of Glen E. Friedman. Renowned for both his work with musicians like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Slayer (and many, many more) as well as his groundbreaking documentation of the burgeoning skateboard phenomenon in the late `70's, Glen has been privvy to (and has summarily captured on film) some of the coolest stuff ever. He's also an incredibly insightful and nice guy to boot.
  • SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum
    Allan Tannenbaum is a local photographer who has been everywhere and shot everything, from members of Blondie hanging out at the Mudd Club through the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th. You could spend hours on this site, and I have.
  • Robert Otter Photographs
    Amazing vintage photographs of New York City, specifically my own neighborhood, Greenwich Village.
  • oboylephoto
    Just some intensely cool photographs of abandoned places.
  • Rikki Ercoli's Legends of Punk
    Much like Glen E. Friedman (see above), Rikki Ercoli has managed to catch some amazing bands in their manic element.
  • Lost & Found Film
    A fascinating website devoted to undeveloped film found in vintage camers. A curious mixture of interesting and spooky.
  • Pinhole Photography by Veronica Saddler
    NYC landmarks shot through a pinhole lens. Neat-o.
  • Eugene Merinov
    Compelling shots of Punk, Post-Punk and New Wave band performing live in various long-lost venues in a pre-sanitized New York City. Great stuff!
  • Edward Colver

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March 13, 2018



I knew the zeitgeist had passed in the 90s when I drove my daughters and their friends to the mall to shop at the new Hot Topic for their wannabe goth clothes, black nail polish and lipstick. (I had very mixed feelings about their going to prom dressed like fans of The Cure. I mean, yay, I raised counterculture kids. But nooo, my long-dead youth was being resurrected on the altar of capitalism.)

What really killed it for me was seeing Ramones t-shirts hanging on the store's walls. I first saw the Ramones at CBGB: great show, good memories, and I didn't buy my clothes at the mall. (Well, then came Trash and Vaudeville, where the newly arrived bought their fishnet stockings and motorcycle jackets.) But after my kids came along, I didn't go back to CBs, not even for the farewell show.

Walter Kohl

After not having walked on that stretch for a pretty long time, a few weeks ago I went down to the Bowery and First Street (Chase Branch) and passed by what used to be CB's. Holy crap, the place I loved to hang out at whenever possible is now a store selling jeans for a hundred bucks or so! A couple of blocks South there is a place called "Blue And Cream" or similar, which according to a note in the window also has a branch in East Hampton. I think their jeans were even costlier. Now the good ol' Bowery with all the former flop houses and bums passed out on the sidewalk amidst empty bottles of "Night Train", "Thunderbird" and "Swiss Up" has metamorphosed into a high-end shopping district. There was a time when I had to seriously plead with a cabbie to drop me off at Bowery and Fifth late at night after I got done working. (night job) They were hesitant to go East of Broadway. To get back on topic about bringing back Live Music Venues: An old girlfriend of mine used to work as a waitress at Art D'Lugoff's Village Gate on Bleecker Street. I used to pick her up after her shift and was allowed by the manager to wait and sit at the bar and catch the last set of whomever was playing that night. Those were the good old days and they will unfortunately not return. Maybe it's better that way. Oh, I almost forgot to mention...I did go to the farewell show at CB's.

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