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February 15, 2018


Chung Wong

The Joe Strummer photo at 127 John is by Bob Gruen from 1985

David George

Thanks for posting this.

The photo is at the start of what I consider Joe's "wilderness years" (post-The Clash, pre-Mescaleros). {Sorry, that CTC iteration must not be confused with the real lineup. It's sort of like calling the Blackie Lawless version of The New York Dolls "The New York Dolls."}

I saw 10 of the Bonds shows, which felt like a full-time job (which I did not have at the time). I convinced 5 people who didn't know or care about The Clash to wait on line with me for tickets on May 1, 1981 (which was my birthday).

It's likely I saw Kraut; for my money the most memorable opener at those shows was the Bush Tetras. The Bonds stint was the most memorable month of my life.

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