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January 30, 2018



The current WTC is in the background and there are supports on David's feet. I'm not the first to notice this, right? At first glance it does look real.

Re: Dry January. Really dude, you caved that early? Don't wanna brag but I haven't had a drink since Jan. 1, but that's all gonna change when I go on vacay in a few weeks. My body will probably go into some sort of booze shock. Enjoy Austere February!

Chung Wong

The photo is photoshopped. Here is the 1973 original by Masayoshi Sukita of Tokyo, labelled Watch That Man III. They worked together for 4 decades.

Chung Wong

David Bowie bought his first New York home in 1992 at Essex House (sold 2002). In 1999, he bought a pair of condos on Lafayette and converted them. This would be his last home until his death in 2016. He lived his entire retirement from 2006, a decade, at that home, not hanging out but just living and dying in the City. He lived full-time in New York for 24 years. Before this he was a visitor hanging out at places like Max's Kansas City in the 1970s, living a nomadic life like many artists recording in LA, NYC and London mostly. He lived full-time in New York City triple the time John Lennon did. Lou Reed was not originally from New York and also lived many years in NYC. If defined by how artists not born in NYC are New Yorkers, Bowie is definitely a New Yorker. If defined by time living here, 24 years should qualify as being a New Yorker. He worked with his neighbor, New York theatre Workshop, on Lazarus in his final year of life, and shot his final videos while dying in New York City. He considered it his home more than any other city to the death. He lived in 2 neighborhoods in NYC for a decade or more each. If defined by personality, he is not Jewish, Italian or Chinese or from Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx or Manhattan. He is not from a New York community. But that would be true of any place. He was an alien everywhere. If defined by accent, he definitely did not have a New York accent. But he lived a very private life in New York City, walking anonymously as a New Yorker in the streets longer than any young adult New Yorker. He got along with all kinds of people in New York, more than the average New Yorker. It would be hard to set criteria to disqualify him as a New Yorker that would not disqualify millions of other New Yorkers.

Alex in NYC

Most of my favorite New Yorkers were transplants, but I see the argument persisting that only a *native* can call themselves a proper New Yorker, but it's all bullshit:

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