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January 07, 2018


David George

I also strongly resisted and opposed this Kmart when it opened.

I used the bathroom once.

I never bought anything there.

But I think it's strange that a Kmart on Astor Place is now the very least of our worries. I have periodic nightmares where every storefront is a TD bank.


I ran in there once to grab a birthday present and card for some friend of my son, who didn't tell me he was invited to said friend's party until the night before. I don't think I've ever forgiven him the shame I felt going into Kmart: but it wasn't half as bad as the horror I felt running into a Wal Mart in Casper, Wyoming to buy a t shirt and pair of running shorts because Son had thrown up all over my last change of clothes during a miserable vacation out there.

Kids. The things we do for them.

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