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December 29, 2017





was proxy

Alex - This whole "hate" of Donald Trump thing is getting really disturbing ... as your polar opposite in politics I thought Obama was an incompetent amateur with a ridiculously corrupt administration ... but I wouldn't say I "hated" the guy. I know you're in media and to my eye that machine and it's echo chamber seems to have really brainwashed you. You're a smart guy .. should take a step back and re-evaluate. Maybe read Scott Adams' columns on cognitive dissonance. Really ... you're better than that.

Alex in NYC

The hatred is entirely genuine ... and entirely founded.

was proxy

I kinda sympathize.. had we had the miserable fortune to be saddled with Hitlery I might be in a similar frame of mind. Glad I'm not though!


If I had a dime for every time I uttered that particular Mencken quote this past year...

Here's to better things in the new year.

Noise Annoys

Why do the Trump supporters always attempt to counter any argument by simply stating that someone should 'be better' than hating someone?
The reason is that Trump and his dum-dum tribe have absolutely nothing positive whatsoever to lend to them. Trump's first victory has been in managing to negotiate a tax-break for himself and his fellow 1%'ers. That's nothing to be proud of, unless you happen to own a large corporation.
The hate for Trump is always justified.

was proxy

Actually no... as the meme so accurately says, the reason you're still upset about the election is because you're weak and lack coping skills... Maybe your parents never said no to you. The issue is not Russians or emails or the Electoral College or misogyny... the issue is you didn't get your way and your mommy can't fix it for you so you're the child having a tantrum in the toy store

Alex in NYC

" the reason you're still upset about the election is because you're weak and lack coping skills."

Respectfully, no. The reason we're upset is because the occupant of the White House -- as you well know -- is a fatuously idiotic douchebag with little to no understanding of the gravity of his office. You can cry "fake news" all you want and call us snowflakes, etc., but this will not stand, and history will prove us right. Until then, let's keep the dialogue going. Cheers, WP -- happy new year.

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