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November 06, 2017


David George

>>Nowadays, I find its less hassle to avoid St. Marks between Third and Second entirely. There’s precious little there for me, these days.

Bingo. I walked west on St Marks sort of accidentally a few weeks ago and all I felt was emptiness due to what's gone.

I really have no reason to visit that area at all anymore.

David George

Great pic of Jonesy, btw--thanks. One of my favs.

wayne the Barron

sort of lost for words. Not sure why, but the name St Marks Place brings back the summer of 93 when I arrived in NY to live, having never before visited the USA. My first friend in the city, the lovely Kristina lived their. My favourite 'Yaffa' café was their (didn't you interview Blur (one of my favourite bands)their)? How dare time chip away at my memories. F**k you, you office block building MF's how dare you erase me.

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