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October 27, 2017


Phillip Dokes

Arrgh!!! One thing that sticks out from the letter is that she isn't claiming that her dog doesn't bark it's head off. Nor that you're making it all up, but that you are the problem for being bothered by it. That's not gossip you're spreading, it's fact!

And also..her slipping a note under your door isn't exactly "appreciative" when talking about your kids as either...

give the co-cop manager (or whatever the official channels are)a copy of her note, and a copy of the post above (mildly edited, you don't need the part about your family and pets, it has zilch to do with animals, but general neighbor courtesy)and ask how THEY would deal with it if they were in your situation.

& If you & family can, don't engage with her at all. tho far easier said than done, i comprende

let her lose her s***, not make you lose yours.


Maybe consider buying "Gren's" apartment?
More space, no barking, instant approval.

Alex in NYC

Nah, her apartment is a one bedroom.

Rick McGinnis

I just love millennial entitlement. Love it love it love it. There's not a lot you can do. Things will get awkward for a while, but I don't think Gwen will be your neighbour for a lot longer.

Riff Chorusriff

Hahaha “Gwen’s dog’s clarion bark-a-thons!” That’s one of the funniest turns of phrase I’ve read in ages!


Call the management company and find out if she’s a subletter or owner. If she’s a renter start a campaign to get her kicked out, or her lease not renewed. If she’s an owner you go to the board and complain to them and make them deal with it.

Also if there have been subletters in that unit for years, don’t you have rules about not allowing renters for more than a certain number of years, are they perhaps in violation.

Failing that, start complaining t he doorman 5 times a day and don’t give in, at least just to irritate her into sub,issiin.


This post is actually very much inline with the underlying theme of your website's archival efforts. The death of OUR NYC can be (arguably) traced to the suburban-American "immigration" of entitled children using their parent's nest eggs to carve out a niche in the land of "Sex and the City". I can remember lamenting this as far back as the mid 90s, when meatheads from Connecticut and Jersey would occasionally darken the doorways of sacred watering holes like Nightingale's or Downtown Beirut, often bristling for a confrontation with we 'locals'. Gwen has obviously never considered the realities of city life, and once again a native has to suffer the fools.
Apologies for the long reply, but this struck a chord with me. I hope you were able to come to an amicable resolution... but I more hope she shipped back to suburbia.

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