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September 24, 2017


David George

Bowie said something to the effect that one should never seek to meet one's heroes (because disappointment will surely follow). I've always subscribed to that and aside from having the chance to interview a couple of musical luminaries as a college journalist (Johansen, Jim Carroll) and the very few times I spoke to musicians I admired at shows (Graham Maby, Joe Jackson's long-time bass player, who is truly a hero of mine) I really prefer not to delve too deeply into the private thoughts or political views of anyone famous who I like. Sure, I admired The Clash (one of my top two bands) for their political convictions, which I felt were pretty hard to disagree with most of the time. But I'd really rather not know most of the time.

Regarding the NFL protest, as one with zero interest in that sport, all I can say is that any efforts aimed at pissing in The Idiot's Wheaties is fine by me. I don't think it will make a speck of a difference in terms of the 'conversation' at hand, but I'm just holding out hope that the The Idiot will grow tired and bored of being so consistently hated and go back to being the NY clown and failure he was for decades, before the Barcolounger-Riding Flyover State residents anointed him their idiot-in-chief.

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