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September 27, 2017



I will say, I wouldn't mind it so much if they were building all those towers to house middle- and low-income families, who are less and less able to afford living in Manhattan. But they're not: they're for the 1% who could afford to live anywhere (move to Connecticut, ya bums!) and could care less about what [for example] some miserable public school teacher makes or where she has to live in order to be reasonably close to work. (Not Manhattan.) Or, if you believe the rumors about Trump Tower, those condos are being bought up by Russian oligarchs and Chinese billionaires looking for someplace to launder their ill-gotten gains. But I keep wondering how these places can be built under the aegis of a supposedly progressive Democratic mayor who probably read the studies about how highrise apartments disrupt and destroy the character of an urban community. I mean, does anyone believe that these fancypants condos will house a real bodega (not a techbro Bodega) in their lobbies? Have the city planners noticed how far you have to walk these days to pick up a half gallon of milk and a regular loaf of bread, or order a cheap pizza?

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