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July 10, 2017



That Fishbone '87 show was my first trip to the Ritz as a young hardcore kid from the 'burbs with an LIRR schedule. I've searched for mentions of it over the years, turning up little before today.

It was a search for the name of a defunct club from the same era that originally landed FP in my RSS subscriptions. Which is all to say, thanks for continually sharpening the edges of nostalgia's blurry recall.

Speaking of blurry - my memory includes the NY Citizens (and/or the Scofflaws) also being in that Fishbone lineup - though I was only there on night one?

Alex in NYC

You may be right about that, Matt. I seem to remember the Toasters the most from those shows, but I do seem to recall seeing The Scofflaws in the Ritz as well (as well as Urban Blight, but that was definitely a different gig).

David George

I saw Urban Blight @ The Ritz as well. Just one of many great shows.

I never went after it switched to Webster Hall. They just never seemed to have anyone I was interested in after that, which was very sad.


The first show I tried to attend at the Ritz was Overkill (still a great band), with Nevermore, Meliah Rage and Leeway opening. Sadly, I was 15 years old and the bouncers would not let me in since the age was 16 and up. All my friends had fake ids. I commiserated by getting a slice of pizza on the corner.


I was was one of those Fishbone shows, though I can't remember which. It was one of those nights where the floor undulated from everyone jumping up and down, and at first I worried it might collapse and then I just didn't care.


Oh my God, The Toasters! Great band!

My first foray into the Ritz was Halloween 1980, to see Siouxsie and the Banshees and I was as mesmerized by the space as I was by her eye makeup. Saw Prince there a couple of times, Shrapnel, The Rattlers, even Dwight Yoakam. But like you, when it turned back into Webster Hall, I found it less interesting. But thanks for the trips down Memory Lane...


hey, guess what" that's MY photo of the ad for the circle jerks/D.O.A. show! i kept it because i'm a huge redd kross fan, went to go see them that night and ended up losing my watch in the mosh pit! :)

Stephen Popkin

I was working the ID both when Fishbone performed live at The Ritz on Halloween in 1985. The bill included 24-7 Spyz opening and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers headlining. 2 people i had to give wristbands to:
Adam Howvitz of the Beastie Boys (he showed ID) and Mick Jagger, yes the lead singer of The Rolling Stones was at this gig and he needed a wristband to prove he was over 21 and could drink but HE did NOT need to show me ID. This is absolutely true.

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