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June 29, 2017



Jeeze. You stay safe too. A lot of those charming old downtown buildings have crap wiring and gas lines, in spite of their inflated rents. This was admittedly years ago when I was a lot younger and poorer, but I found out the electrical wiring in my old West Village studio was little more than new wires piggy backing on crumbling old wires, a fire waiting to start. The funny thing is it's still standing, remodeled and much cleaner than it was when I lived there. Maybe the new owners fixed it. Or maybe it's just pretty cladding over ancient wiring. I'll never know, because I can't afford to live there now.

David George

Glad you're all safe and sound. My wife and I were on our way to Joe's Pub and I thought the same thing--had not seen so many fire engines since 9-11.

Regarding NoOriginalArt's comment about the wiring, when I read the accounts in the media the building was described as a "luxury rental building." My first thought was "there are no luxury building on that block." Silly me: The RENT is luxury, not the building.

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