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May 09, 2017



Bureaucratization of the World continues apace.....maybe there should also be a shouted "safe word" for the dancers that would shut the sound system off IMMEDIATELY so THEY WOULDN'T HAVE TO HEAR ONE MORE CHORD of this UNSAFE music!.......THAT'S THE POINT YOU IDIOTS!
Soon there will be STRICT rules regarding even pleasuring oneself....NO Kinky FOR YOUUU!!!

Best pit I was at was (I know not hard enough for you) Dead Boys....Cleveland '77, might have been '78....biker bar beginning to book more punk....but the owner got worried that things were getting out of hand so he sent three of the biker bouncers into the middle of the fray thinking they would intimidate the 'yoots and calm things down.....NOPE, like a match to gasoline.....they disappeared into a cartoon-like mass of arms and legs and heads sticking out was absolutely hilarious....until the bikers figured out they could use one captive body to wipe out two or three other dancers.
Just another night on the other side of life.

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