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May 23, 2017



Goddammit, I was hoping to go to bed at a decent hour and then I see this and get sucked in like a cockroach in a roach motel....

The big screaming clue is the sign for Temple Garden Restaurant, which used to be at 16 Pell Street. It was a great place for dim sum brunch, though the owner eventually retired and it became a beauty salon or whatever they call places that do women's hair these days. The business next door is also currently a hair salon, though the facade and signage have changed. (I always grumble about how you can't tell it's Chinatown anymore if there aren't any business signs in Chinese....)

It's funny, though: I thought the Plasmatics were poseurs from LA and could not stand them. COULD NOT. I mean, you could argue that the Sex Pistols weren't much different in that they were manufactured by Malcolm McLaren, but LA is all about manufacturing image over content, and the Plasmatics' performances were especially noxious. (Chainsaws? Really? Wendy O. Williams pulling up her shirt and fondling her nipples onstage? My Riot Grrrl friends and I stormed out of the club, screaming "Exploitation!") I considered them a zit on the face of the declining 80s punk scene. But I do like that photo there.

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