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May 25, 2017



Guess you didn't learn your lesson - now the Meter Gallery too has vanished from the web without a trace and along with it the examples of the Weeks/Weaks photos. The site just gives a blank page with "server error" (Screengrabs are always a good idea.) Not only that but the gallery doesn't show up in Google at all apart from (1) hits at the gallery's site itself and (2) a couple of CVs of photographers where they list the galleries where they've had shows. This is highly bizarre, that an art gallery representing dozens of artists with at least one fetching five-figure prices doesn't appear in a single art-world article or review or listings guide.

Do you know about which tries to save a copy of every website? The situation here is also bizarre. They have the index page of Street View 1982 but the links to the photos are all broken. I've viewed thousands of archived sites there over the years and don't recall seeing one where they had only the front page and none of the lower pages.

Alex in NYC

Yeah, screengrabs are the way to go in terms of preserving the images, but when Weeks/Weaks' work was still readily available on the Web, I wanted to respect his seemingly fiercely guarded work instead of simply appropriating it (which, of course, I basically later did). I am curious as to why he abandoned that original project.

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