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May 30, 2017



"For those who find Rolling Stone-style hagiography tiresome, last Friday was a rough day. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” the most celebrated record by the most celebrated band in the history of pop music, turned 50 years old."

Well, I would take issue with much of what was said just in that first sentence. Not offensive enough to close the tab and move on. Arguably (very arguably) accurate enough that I won't bother tearing down the column line by line.

I'll leave it at this. Given she was born a decade after the album was released and provides zero proof for any of her claims that "girl music" is always appropriated by old men and only then appreciate, I read the whole thing with a whole bunch of "citation needed", especially without a single reference to anyone from the era saying that.

Also, ffs, did she understand "She's Leaving Home"?


“Sgt. Pepper’s” was the point when rock stopped being the music of girls and started being the music of men.

What? What? Granted, my sister and I had this Beatles vs. Rolling Stones thing going when we were in high school---she liked the Beatles because they seemed "nice" (and Paul was cute) while I liked the Stones because they were "bad boys"---but I was a girl too, albeit one who was starting to dye her hair purple and wear army surplus boots to school. But I don't know where Marcotte gets this "music of girls" line of thinking. My boyfriend at the time had a record collection packed with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Janis Joplin, and Grateful Dead, all solid rock acts of the late 60s. I preferred British bands like The Kinks, The Who, and the aforementioned Stones, which had a pretty strong male following as well. If Marcotte is attacking sexism in rock, I'd think the Beatles would be the last band to go after: they continued to have a large female fanbase after Sgt. Pepper's and beyond. (My sister wept and burned a candle in front of her Beatles poster when they broke up.) It'd be easier and more obvious to go after the bands I listened to---nobody is going to accuse the Stones of being feminists.

I dunno. Marcotte sounds like my old college roommate who used to ridicule us when we went out on weekends to the local clubs. She couldn't name a single band except for the Beatles and maybe the Bee Gees, but the bands we listened to were "garbage." Fortunately for me, she moved out shortly after someone dumped her shower caddy and its contents into a toilet. (No, not me. Really.)


She seems juuuust a little uptight.
But at least the comments were entertaining to read.
And I will be picking up the big box set with all the extras!

Riff Chorusriff

Wow. Like or dislike the album (and I'm in the "I like it crowd," the author never supports her initial claim with anything intriguing or insightful enough for us to consider. Instead, she takes the easy route: providing us with her own likes and dislikes and going on a five-paragraph tangent about other bands.

(Plus she brought "grunge" up. If she had to do that, she could at least have told us what bands she means by that label. And, if she meant Nirvana, she ought to have mentioned the Beatles influence on their music.)


Salon gotta Salon. Someone like Annie Zaleski would've done a better job handling the sexual politics/milieu of the time.


Revolver is "pretentious"
Who is this biatch???

David George

Can't weigh in , re: Sgt Pepper's since I've never been a Beatles fan. But regarding this:

>>how often does one really re-visit a bonus disc of outtakes and demos?

That varies wildly, I think. The bonus disc with Richard Thompson's "Electric" is EP-worthy. The bonus disc with the 2011 re-release of the Stones "Some Girls" could have been an album in it's own right. But the bonus disc with the "Legacy Edition" of The Clash's "London Calling," called "The Vanilla Tapes" (they are rehearsals) isn't really for anyone other than diehards. The bonus disc with the re-release of Bowie's "Station to Station" is gold: It's live from the Nassau Coliseum and of particular interest to me because I was there (the 3rd concert I ever attended after seeing the Stones and The Faces in '75).

Generally I prefer when artists just add a few bonus tracks on remasters.

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