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April 29, 2017



I was 15 hanging in the village when the lights went out
First it seemed cool but then people started getting crazy wound up hanging near the police station just in case!!!

David George

I remember the SoS fear very well as at the time I was dating a woman from Queens and a lot of her friends were dying their hair, avoiding parked cars, etc. It was very scary stuff.


Rockin' Geezer checkin' in with a record 3-post summary comment:

The Mudd Club was at first an interesting addition to the NYC bar/band/hopping nirvana of the 70s. EVERY time I came back to town, there were six different bands/artists to see for nights on end (an hour to two hour stops means you only got to half of them).

Then the barriers startied going up, as did the cover charges. And THEN.....door lunks and velvet ropes at ROCK CLUBS ferchrissake.....even to see Ginsberg or Burroughs, it all became a bit 'twee as it 'twere.
As far as the general culture went, I didn't know anybody in lower Manhattan that was particularly scared of anything like power going out or a killer on the loose.....maybe some of the junkie's friends around the corner. Folks around here had mostly been born in The Depression (or were offspring of same), fought two major wars, and survived Mayor Lindsay. They pulled together, but not in a rah-rah overt manner. Simply plowin' on with their lives, but with a "Bring it on" NYC-attitude that was truly unique at the time.
A week after the power outage it was out of the news, and 95% of America never gave a damn about some nutbar named Sam.

James Taylor

I think the "mustachioed yacht-rocker" is Glenn Frey.

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