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April 11, 2017



I saw this tip on Lifehacker and tried it out. Like many tips I've tried on the blog, it didn't work as well as I would've liked. (Since subscribing to LH, I'm not any more efficient at using my time, or better at handling my finances, or am a smarter traveler or shopper or diner than I was 10+ years ago.) I did notice a few second of silence right after tapping the base of my skull, but the roar came back just as persistent as before. One friend observed that my hands and fingers were too small to encompass the back of my head, and I admit using my fingers the way it was suggested by the Reddit contributor was super awkward. It did seem to work for the people in the video, and I guess if your tinnitus is so bad it makes your daily life hellish, a minute of silence is wonderful. I've learned to ignore mine, however. I work with kids all day, so tinnitus is a piece of cake compared to the shrieks and bellows of grade school students.


Didn't work for me either.

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