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April 12, 2017


David George

RIP, Mr. O'Brien.

Ephemeral New York has a good post right about these same Union Square buildings:

CJ Laski

In the 80s I answered an ad for sales help at the Stephen Sprouse store. I was directed to 860 Broadway, to fill out an application, where I saw people silk-screening in a large back room. I believe this was after Andy passed away, but the place was clearly "Factory-fied".

Robert Egan

When I first came to NYC in 1077 I worked at Barnes and Noble at 105 FIfth Ave at 17th Street a block west of the building you are talking about. I used to eat at a restaurant on the southwest corner of Broadway and 17th. From my seat I could look up and see one of Andy Warhol's silver wigs in the window on the 3rd floor. It was the angled window, not the ones facing directly south onto Union Square.. . .I also went to the Underground. As I recall it had a walkway over the dance floor, which was basement level.


i sw the birthday party at the underground, what a glorious racket.

Ronnie j pennell

I was at the underground disco club I think around 1981-82.
It was a great club. I believe Mary Tyler Moore used to go there sometimes as well.
Then a couple years later I believe it was called Union Square in 1987 . It was all hip hop orientated. Big club . Down stairs and upstairs and it had a cage upstairs that people went into and did whatever. LOL.

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